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Death Stranding – PSX17 – Trailer

Death Stranding is an action game set in an open world environment, which also includes multiplayer functions. When the main character Sam dies, the player is sent to another world, referred to as an upside-down world submerged in water. Kojima suggests that when the player returns to the world of …

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Jensen, Jared & Supernatural cast talk Season 13

Jared Padalecki “Sam” talks about being tortured, alternate realities and toys! (above)   Jensen Ackles “Dean” talks being an angel/demon daddy and toys!   Misha Collins “Castiel” talks Supernatural Season 13 & not being dead!   Exec Producer – Robert Singer talks Supernatural Season 13 & hints at return of …

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Updated Pokemon Go list for Las Vegas!

Updated Pokemon Go list for Las Vegas! Silverado Park = #001 Bulbasaur ☆ Foxridge Park = #001 Bulbasaur ☆ Equestrian Park = #004 Charmander ☆ Mission Hills Park = #007 Squirtle ☆ Sunset Park = #013 Weedle ☆ Prosperity Park = #013 Weedle ☆ Legacy Golf Course(Private property) = #25 …

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