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We ask Billionaire Richard Branson about his documentary, his adventures & the option to be Batman.


We caught up with Billionaire philanthropist and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson in Las Vegas at the LinkedIn convention where he was attending as a keynote speaker. It is no surprise that the man who practically invented the term “brand” should be invited to any business conference, especially one that focuses on the people that make companies great. Leading the charge has always been his mainstay, but the people behind him have always been the keepers of his trust, some holding his life in their very hands.

We sit down to discuss his new documentary “Don’t Look Down”, a first hand account of Branson’s adventures at sea and his high-flying world record balloon journeys.

The full interview is below, some of the questions we ask:

  • You are rich and adventurous, was being Batman ever an option? (we start off light)
  • What music did you listen to floating across the planet?
  • Do you belive in fate and its hand in your survival?
  • Elon Musk has stated he won’t be one of the first to visit Mars for fear of death, if available, would you have a seat on that adventure?
  • and many more.

Don’t Look Down is in Theaters & On Demand November 11th.
More information at:

An interview with the billionaire adventurer Richard Branson

Don’t Look Down Movie Trailer


Video Credit: Daniel Santoy




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