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Destiny: The Dark Below to bring higher levels, more strikes and more!


A fun addition for sure, especially for the hardcore gamers who stayed with the title in hopes of creating multiple high level characters.

The Good: We get more stuff! New Raid, new weapons, a new strike and new multiplayer map.

The Bad: It’s not a huge new batch of content, some new missions are pretty fun and the ability to upgrade past 30 is choice for sure. More times than not though, you will find yourself questioning the so-called new missions/strikes which are mostly housed in the same areas you’ve been before. Personally I was hoping to get into those closed off areas and sections that we longed for through the glass and gates.

If you are a true fan, then you already pre-purchased this expansion. If not, you might have to question how much time you will be putting back into this game?

Release Date: December 9th

Destiny: The Dark Below (personal gameplay shot footage)

Video Credit: David Dorudiani




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