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Call of Duty: Black Ops III comes out Friday, should you buy it


Releasing Friday, November 6th is the 3rd installment of the Black Ops Call of Duty franchise from Treyarch. They have, once again, delivered beautiful and fluid gameplay with its own current and futuristic options to digitally destroy your friends and fellow gamers. And what media medium would be complete without a large scale Zombie apocalypse to fend off.

By the numbers, we have 9 different specialists to choose from, infinite gunsmith options, interactive maps, zombies and much more. That being said, what are the pro’s and con’s.


  • Fast and fluid gameplay and multiplayer. (What you expect from Call of Duty)
  • 9 specific specialists with 2 specialties each to choose from to allow for many variations. I am a fan of Outrider and enjoy taking down futuristic enemies with a souped-up bow and arrow.
  • Zombies are back and read-and-waiting to be killed en-masse.
  • Swimming through multiplayer maps to surprise enemies is fun!
  • Way better spawning than Advanced Warfare!
  • Free Nuke Town Map!


  • Once again, the multiplayer visual screen is over-packed with pop-ups and information. We talked to Treyarch at E3 about it, but the word must not have reached the right ears. Can we have options to turn off…please? I don’t need an award popping up in the middle of my screen every 3 seconds because I got a kill or didn’t die. My eyes are already overworked at this speed.
  • The Wall Run is fun, but it can catch at inopportune times.
  • Putting PS4 into Rest Mode screws up Black Ops III online functionality somehow. Always have to close program and restart when I come back.

Their are many more pro’s and con’s I could bring up, but these are what came to mind. I am an FPS junkie at heart with a side of RPG for flavor, so me playing Black Ops III were a give-in.

As for Your wallet, ask yourself these things:

  • Do you want to dive into this game and unlock every option? Or are you just buying, to digitally “Hang” with friends?
  • Following Black Ops III release is Fallout 4, Star Wars: Battlefront and a slew of other games all boasting the “New” sticker. What time and money do you have available?
  • Do you need to kill Zombies? (The Answer is always Yes)



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